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Don't Replace Your Counter Tops When All You Really Want Is A New Kitchen Sink

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Contractors are quick to advise you to change your counter tops to fit that new sink you love. This is an attempt to make the job more expensive than it needs to be. You could end up paying thousands more than you need to.

We are your solution to a new sink without the hassle of replacing your counter tops. Our professional craftsman will cut and fit a stunning sink giving your kitchen the WOW factor along with space for those big pots and pans your current sink can't fit.

We'll make sure that your new sink is the focal point of your kitchen. Contact our team today to learn more about our sink installation services.

sink replacement Acworth, GA

Upgrade from the outdated and unpractical.

Home Builders traditionally stick with the basic two basin sink when constructing new homes. These sinks can be ugly and too small for your kitchen needs. If you're regularly in the kitchen you will have noticed that these sinks do not fit your large cookware. The basic sink also lacks eye appeal degrading the look of your kitchen. Switching to a farmhouse sink will revolutionize the way you use your kitchen and give your home that extra architectural appeal.

"The biggest difference between a well-equipped foodie's kitchen and a professional one these days is the size of the sink."
- Simon O: international chef consultant, Country Café, The Good Life, Feast, VickyChristina's, Conquistabar

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sink replacement Acworth, GA

Experience a seamless transition

You won't have to worry about your new sink looking out of place in your kitchen. During our design consultation, we will:

  • Talk about your budget
  • View your sink options
  • Measure your sink size
  • Schedule a consultation

We make kitchen sink installation look easy. Call (678) 368-0864 right now to get started.

We offer free design consultations

When you're trying to bring your vision to life, sometimes it's nice to have a little help from the experts. We have a background in cutting stone, so we can customize the sink that you want in your kitchen. You don't have to get new countertops when you hire Simply Sinks. Save money and improve the look of your kitchen in Acworth, GA with a new sink.

Rethink Your Sink...

We Can Help!

You don't have to spend tens of thousands remodeling your kitchen... when all you really want is a beautiful new sink! Is your sink chipped? Cracked? Or just looking tired and outdated? Call us now for a quote and to schedule your new sink!

new kitchen sink Acworth, GA


sink installation Acworth, GA


new sink Acworth, GA


custom sink Acworth, GA


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new kitchen sink Acworth, GA