Right from the beginning, our vision was to deliver a 5-star customer experience...

After decades in the home improvement industry, it was clear the one thing that really matters is meaningful engagement – genuine attention to what the customer wants and needs, rather than a one-size-fits-all service.

We also understood that we could never compromise...

On standards, on service, and especially on our people!

We thought long and hard about the intellectual capital we needed to introduce a new niche category to the market, then brought together some of the best people in the industry to make it happen.

Our team is absolutely committed to that original vision, and it’s their hard work that has made it a reality

Meet Our Team Members



Mike’s an international veteran of the home improvement industry, with over two decades in marketing, sales & franchising on two continents.

Greg Mixon

Chief Revenue Officer

Greg transitioned from a career as field supervisor for multiple home improvement brands to become GM of Simply Sinks in Marietta, GA.

Michael Barney

Chief Operating Officer

Following a career in risk management & HR, Mike has led the development of Simply Sinks’ installation procedures, systems & protocols

Werner van Zyl

Chief Financial Officer

Werner has worked internationally as a Finance Executive, and is a Senior Consultant in auditing, accounting, taxation & corporate governance.

Thomas Sagehorn

Chief Legal Officer

Tom’s track record includes leadership roles in multiple franchise operations in the home improvement industry, as president and VP.

In the beginning, many customers couldn’t believe our promise...

...of a larger brand new sink whilst being able to keep their same countertops, saving them money, and all within a few hours

They’d been told "it can’t be done" – but the truth was it simply wasn’t convenient and it was difficult to do. After years of development and refinement, we’re proud to have proved otherwise – and proud of the fact that SIMPLYSINKS® has received only 5-star reviews online.

They said it couldn't be done

They said it couldn't be done. For 5 years we have been trying to replace an ugly kitchen sink with an apron farmhouse style without replacing counter tops. No one would do the job saying it couldn't be done. Simply Sinks stepped up to the plate and gave us exactly what we wanted. Did a fabulous job quickly and cleanly. Can't say enough nice things about this company.


A flawless job!

A flawless job, left my kitchen spotless

KELLY JORDAN ... Suwanee, GA

Installed on time

Responsive, upfront, and installed on time


Get A New Sink... Keep Your Countertops

You Don't Have To Spend Money on New Countertops When All You Really Want Is A Beautiful New Sink